November 3rd, Find More Posts by chavak. I found it very difficult to get back into the AB-Way. Terry, you don’t have to like me, the products I’m expert with, or the Company I work for, but for heaven’s sake cool it with the unprovoked multipage rants about how dumb and unfortunate you think my customers are. I’m not sure if theres any loss of data packets sent or received! My world is in the context of Problem, Situation, Product, Solution?? Win Pro Start Problem.

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Allen-Bradley 1784-pktx/a B02 PCI Communication Module Card Adapter

Note that the termination resistor is built-in to the AIC and you lin have to tie into the termination pin Unique node number for every node Same baud rate and max polled node number for all nodes. Just one guy’s opinion It’s just that sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the fact that our site if I may be so bold as to say “our”, Phil is constantly overwhelmed with AB operational problems rather than general PLC programming issues.

Sorry chavak, I don’t have a solution for you. Help keep our servers running We got around that when we upgraded by installing VMware operating as a 32 bit system inside the 64 bit Windows 7.


Hi guys; How I wish someone like Ron Beaufort was around After much searching and discussing with others, there are no 64bit drivers that I can find for the PKTX comm card. It is a good card to have if you run multiple platforms.

I had xperienced a similar problem which was refered to AB. I then left that place and returned to college for EE. By Bruce on 16 August, – By Bob Peterson on 16 August, – 8: You have to select what you want inserted in each and every segment of the rung, whether it be a straight line or an instruction.

PLC Hardware – PLCH Validation

I know that I didn’t answer Chavak’s question, and I said as much. Only thing I have to figure out now is the DH communications. Chavak, you can also find some local technical support in Malaysia through this website: I’m sorry your situation is not getting resolved.

You have clicked on the “? You certainly are one of the AB-Wizards that I referred to.

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I work in maintenance. The jumber on the card is set at 32bit position. Llnx just lucked-out to move into TI! Page 1 of 2.

Good luck, chavak And keep trying other PLC’s as much as you can. Where the hell is their rational? I take a job and am required to keep it working whatever brand. Started by rajsiyer7 Jun When checked on other devices, none of them showed any conflicts though. And when it migrated fromAI to windows platform the user interface was improved tremendously, which I don’t find in any PLC softwares I use. Tell him the guys in Portland say hi. At this point, I look at my initial experience with AB as being somewhat similar to my initial experience with marriage.


Rockwell / Allen-Bradley PKTx Series – In Stock, We Buy Sell Repair, Price Quote

Especially if someone is in 1784pktx position where they can’t influence the choice of PLC anyway. Your first problem, and maybe your only problem is, you are using Allen-Bradley. But, keep trying all you can just so you can get to know what is what. They really haven’t given another PLC a shot.