Thanks for the heads up. Just for the record in case somebody else drifts in here via search engine: Hello Steve I’ll give you some hope, i’ve installed successfully win 7 in a perl, and i did it twice, with the win 7 beta and with the win 7 ultimate 32 bits, i didn’t installed drivers. Vegan Fanatic, that kind of answer does not contribute to a solution and is not even correct information. The hard drive that formerly couldn’t make it through a Windows install is a good drive. Blindly suggesting that the hardware is too old to run newer Windows and needs replacement is just a quick and easy way to get out of troubleshooting the real problem.

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Any chance your motherboard battery is dead or on its last leg? My onboard audio went out long ago and was replaced with a Sound Blaster pci card. So I am deducing there was a memory issue of some kind even though memtest couldnt pick it up.

Nevertheless, I took my chances, and once I changed the power supply not the problemI bought the used mother board on-line.

Windows had to be loaded on a new hard drive because it would not reload on the old one D865peerl guess because it tought it was on another machine. To make matters worse, the documentation is wrong and Antec’s site is wrong too. Trending Price New.

My post probably came across as somewhat sarcastic – my fault for posting whilst tired, sorry.


I know somewhere, somebody has had this problem and has fixed it. It ran for about 15 d865psrl and halted. Windows 7 does include the chipset drivers as well as drivers for most of the onboard hardware.

Intel’s PE and G chipsets – The Tech Report – Page 2

With XP, you don’t notice it so much. Any news regarding your issue. But people have forgotten about that by now.

Because the Desktop Board DPERL includes the latest technologies and high-quality integrated components, system builders can realize significant cost savings without sacrificing performance. Hello all, I have installed Windows 7 on a P4, 3.

As far as the nerchant I give him a 5 star, but all DPERL motherboards that I purchased in the past were Desktop media boards with advance sound and onboard ethernet as well as on board phone modem unfortunately this was pretty much a bare bone board.

Best Selling in Motherboards See all. The Geek Squad said it was probably the mother board, and I might as well buy a etyernet new computer because it was old.

Swanky motherboards from Intel Intel has long sent out its own motherboards for testing when it launches a new chipset, but those boards have grown more interesting over the course of the ethernst year or so.

However I did have a new observation.

Intel D865PERL, Socket 478 (BOXD865PERL) Motherboard

The motherboard is also compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista version operating systems, so you can enjoy the perks of it on some of the largest Windows edition ehernet to date. Well, replasing a motherboard always was a tought time consuming project.


My concern was the network it was on and I had some professional software that would need to be updated across all the computers. Legacy Intel Motherboard In a bind for a motherboard manufactured several years ago. The Geek Squad said it was probably the mother board, and I might as well buy a whole new computer because it was old. I’m able to get drivers for everything except for the “ethernet controller” as it’s listed in the device manager. I guess its back to XP for that unit.

No bad sectors, no bearing noise, no lost files. You may need to reload WIn7 for the new config but the processor may be the root problem. Too small of a power supply is going to cause you probs, too. I would flash the BIOS with the latest version.

It affected big name hardware like HP and Intel, as well as the cheapo motherboard companies. Nevertheless, I took my chances, and once I changed the power supply not the problemI bought the used mother board on-line. By itself with ethsrnet load whatsoever like in ethrnet bubble packagethe lithium battery will still be “good” after ten years.