LSI53C1010 66 DRIVER

Install Windows 7 anyway to a different partition — I had intended to install it to the drive attached to the 53C 6. Let me if that works or what you have tried. LSI should show “not supported”. I have disabled the onboard lsi u and installed an Adpatec A which is supported by windows 7 hostraid disabled. Sunday, May 10, 2:

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Sunday, November 8, 1: Friday, November 13, 2: This was my real issue.

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Sunday, November 8, 4: The issue was to have hyperthreading turned off for the Xeon processors in the bios of the HP x workstation. Friday, November 13, 3: Point it to a usb flash drive or floppy with the extracted drivers.

Windows 7 IT Pro. PS If you want to make sure your scsi controller is fully supported by Windows 7 get an Adaptec A hostraid disabled, hostraid is not supported yet by 7 and adaptec has not decided to make a driver for windows 7. If so, make sure Hyper-Threading is on. Install updated drivers for the following devices.


It is OK as long as you have the drivers. I feel like I’m a bit late to the party, but here’s a solution which I just got running last night: So I got a A which is fully supported ls5i3c1010 windows 7 They go very cheap If I succeed, I’ll keep you posted. You are right and I did and this did not seem to solve my problem.

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Post-install on first boot, say “Yes” or whatever to that effect when Windows 7 asks “Do you want to use the unsigned driver”? Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility.

Tuesday, December 22, 8: Sunday, July 26, 7: I have disabled the onboard lsi u and installed an Adpatec A which is supported by windows 7 hostraid disabled. LSI should show “not supported”. Monday, Lsi533c1010 23, 9: From this point on, this Windows 7 install was able to see the LSI 53C device, lis53c1010 I was able to use the drive after assigning it a drive letter in Disk Management.

If you right click and extract the folder it creates a folder with the install utility and files. I was able to get an old Precison with onboard AIC intstalled using old drivers. And this worked fine Ldi53c1010 couldn’t make install program to recognize the SCSI driver v5. It runs really fast on my HP x I don’t believe it worked since the Win7 setup complained that it couldn’t find any drivers with a valid digital signature even while in test mode.


Once hyperthreading was turned on windows 7 installation continued with no issues. I cannot move forward without a solution Microsoft said it was the controller.

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What message do you get when you start the installation? Is there any possibility I might solve this on my 666 as well? Dear Jeanfor and Nano Warp, I thank you very much for your support, but I couldn’t solve the problem anyway.