The bosboot command will rebuild the boot image. One or more of the selected filesets will cause a bosboot to be performed. There are no adapters 0 , 1 , 2 , 3. Till now, all AIX hosts I worked with were attached to the same type of storage devices. OK, what is important here is the following: The values of the attributes of the disks are not preserved during this conversion. PCM has two options.

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Customers have requested we provide instructions to perform this upgrade process remoev this technote. These scripts come with an individual set of instructions, therefore these cannot be made generally available for download.

Subsystem Device Driver Path Control Module (SDDPCM) for IBM AIX

The first solution — disk by disk from a given adapter: And you proved it. Cause The active rootvg of the SAN boot device is in Open state and hence, the device cannot be removed by the rmdev command. Bellow is the output of the second command.

Be aware that each category, as always, has several subcategories. Type or select values in entry fields. Since I have done it many times in the past I used the same steps as always.


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None of the above, continue with my search. Click remofe for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. It is recommended that you reboot the system as soon as possible. There are no adapters 0123. Please take note of the following important information in the Technote S I mentioned earlier: To generate the MPIO point of view for the identified disks, enter the following on the command line — adjust accordingly to your own case.

If this is not done, other nodes in the cluster will lose access to the shared disks until the sxd policy is changed. However, the hdisk that is booted from cannot be closed and hence, the host attachment script for SDD cannot be removed. Provide a reason for quarantining this blog entry optional: Look again at the output above and notice that it shows relationships between a single FC adapter and a single disk.

No device file found. Please take note of the following important information in the Technote S I mentioned earlier:.

Each hdisk has one missing path per its adapter — two in total. This cluster runs on AIX5. A few quotes from readers: Since every customer environment is different, it is required that IBM support first review the host sfd and provide the appropriate script.


Any modification made to the queue depth prior to removal will need to be reapplied. The chdev command may be used to change the reservation policy, as follows, shown for hdisk Type in a Name: The second one produces a simplified version of the first one. The details of both types may be produced with the lsattr rrmove fscsi and lscfg —vl fcs respectively.

I wonder if this is really true? The disk must not be open for that command to work as shown. Previous Entry Main Next Entry.

Subsystem Device Driver Path Control Module (SDDPCM) for IBM AIX

Hdisk2 through hdisk8 are delivered from our SVC dev. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I bet it should read Asymmetric.