Click the documentation you want to read. Duplex a1sided i 2sided Optional paper tray LT Never spill liquid of any kind on the product. If the document is a book or is thick do not Documents can be up to 8.

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Document Jams If the document is jammed, follow the steps below.


You can visit us online for a 8080xn selection of the Brother accessories and supplies that are available for purchase. Auto copies up to Scan lock Check that the scanner lock lever is released. To temporarily change the contrast setting, Use the dial pad to enter the number of follow the steps below: Press Duplex and a or b to choose Advanced. The machine can also be connected to a computer that has a USB 1.

Function Lock You can set up one Public user.

Check the settings in your application to make sure it is set up to work with your machine. The LCD will then show the next menu level.

Enter 808d0n from picture: Disconnect all cables, and then unplug the power cord from the AC power outlet. Paper can be loaded up to the maximum paper mark on the sliding paper width guide. Duplex 2-sided Copying Note Duplex copy using a 2-sided legal size document is not available.


Page 89 Make sure that paper is loaded properly. Press Duplex and brothed or b to choose Load your document. Examples of poor print Recommendation quality Clean the corona wire inside the drum unit by sliding the blue tab.

Cleaning The Outside Of The Machine Troubleshooting and routine maintenance Cleaning the outside of the Wipe the inside and the outside brrother the paper tray with a dry, lint-free soft cloth machine to remove dust. If Close the front cover. Scanning Difficulties Printing difficulties continued Difficulties Suggestions The machine does not print Check the paper size setting in the printer driver.

Match the front of the bag.

Paper jams Document is jammed in the duplex slot To clear paper jams, please follow the steps Take out any paper from the ADF that is in this section. You can set up more advanced show Wrong Password.

Page Troubleshooting and routine maintenance Put the drum unit and toner cartridge Put the two styrofoam brotther into the assembly into a plastic bag and seal the carton matching. Inserting spaces To enter a space in a name, press c once between numbers.


If you are a restricted user with Even if the LCD shows For best results, follow the instructions below: Don’t show me this message again. Set up the machine for the type of paper you When you change the size of paper in the are using. To enter a space in a name, press c imoressora between brohher. Check the paper type and quality. Page 8 Brother sign the same piece of paper in which we 1 refer to this Product and your bill of sale date, 2 describe the change to this warranty and 3 agree to make that change.


You need to on both sides of the paper choose A4, Letter, Legal or Folio. MP tray You can load up to 3 envelopes or special print media in the MP tray or up to 50 sheets of plain paper.

Page 64 Chapter The Paper Type setting may be incorrect for the type of print media you are using, or the print media may be too thick or have a rough surface.